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If Your Web Site Needs an Online Message, You Need Our Content Services

Visitors to your web page or store are not contacting you, or contact is coming through, but for goods or services that you don't provide. In either case, the message of your web site or web store is not the right message for your business. You need online content services from best plain web pages from IMB Enterprises, Inc. If your problem is no traffic at all, then stop and visit traffic to learn about our traffic-building services offer.

We Build Effective Online Web Site Design to Deliver Persuasive Online Content

Whether or not the right message gets through to visitors to your web site depends on the quality of the written content on the web site and the design of the site itself. Research shows that visitors to web sites will spend little time reading poor writing and less time with web sites that need design work. The first minute, or two, of a first visit to a web site is the most important (and last) opportunity you will have to keep their attention.

Ecommerce online store design has evolved to emphasize functionality. Online shoppers have little time to spend reading elaborate descriptions of your business; the manufacturers of the products that you sell; or even testimonials from other customers (on the other hand, online shopper comfort level goes up dramatically in the presence of testimonials and even higher in the presence of testimonials along with some criticism. Therefore, you will want to keep testimonials on your website). Nevertheless, it is precisely the online content included in all this descriptive text that will be weighed by search engines when your pages are placed within a set of results (SERPs). We design web sites and stores to accomodate the impatience of online shoppers without dispensing with the need for written content.

We know how to write the right online content for web sites. Our production system utilizes Web Page Templates. Web Page Templates dramatically hasten the process of producing web pages. Of perhaps greater value, using Web Page Templates ensures a uniform presentation of information to web site visitors.

Visit HTML Templates to learn more.

We know how visitors to web sites behave, even down to eye movement. Our Online Content Services cover all the points required to get the right message to visitors to your web site, from learning your business, to designing and building the right message into your web site through ample text information that is directly relevant to your business in the form of online editorial content.

We also know how to build compelling technical web sites for small businesses.

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Online Links Add to the Credibility of Your Website or store

Communicating the right message via your website also means using other websites to validate the credibility of your online content. The credibility of your online content is validated through the attraction of inbound links (commonly referred to as backward links) to your website from credible sources, meaning other web sites that are directly relevant to your market and already validated as credible themselves. Search engine traffic depends on this credibility and is established by each search engine through an analysis of the number of links from credible web sites to your website. Our Online Content Services include building links from other web sites through the development of editorial content of genuine interest to the other web sites. We make no use of link farms, nor do we spend time attracting links from web sites still building credibility.

Wouldn't you agree that message is very important to the success of your web site? If message is a problem, you need online content services from IMB Enterprises, Inc. Contact us at 631-673-2929, fax 866-222-4550, or by email to learn more. We accept most major credit cards. We can custom tailor the right solution to your problem.

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