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eCommerce Technical Solutions for Online Retailers

We have over four years full time experience building ecommerce websites for online small business retailers. Some of our accomplishments include:

  1. Successful Reverse engineering of a static web page publishing system built entirely with open source tools. This system can be used with any comma separated value (.csv) file and .jpg images to produce thousands of product pages for an online webstore.
  2. Successful Development of a web store update system, once again, with scripts written entirely with open source tools, to quickly and correctly delete hundreds of discontinued items, or to change catalog prices for entire product categories, etc, simply, quickly and correctly.
  3. Successful Development of original scripts to publish product feeds for the ShopSite shopping cart system. Feeds dramatically reduce the time required to add new products to the ShopSite cart system. Hundreds of items can be added at a time. All that is required is a .csv file and some images. No need to use the online control panel. Build a feed offsite and get the work done in less than half the time with our system.
  4. Successful Script development for data feeds for Amazon web stores, Buy.com, etc.
  5. Successful Custom Templates development for ShopSite Shopping Cart system. These templates rely on CSS (cascading Style Sheets) to produce an entirely flexible graphic design environment for ShopSite web stores
  6. Successful Installation of tracking codes for Google Analytics, Web-Stat, Quantcast, etc, as required
  7. Successful Development of scripts to parse raw web server access logs, and publish data in .csv file format for management review

eCommerce Technical Methods

We make heavy use of VIM on several platforms, primarily MAC OS X (Leopard), with MS Win XP Pro and SuSE LINUX 11.1 thrown in for good measure.

Most of our scripts are written with the AWK programming language. We also use SED, and to a lesser degree Perl (we plan on making greater use of Perl in the future, for its text transformation capabilities, rather than for CGI system development) and PHP. These tools are readily available in either a Mac OS X or Linux computing environment. The combination of these tools amounts to a powerful approach to content management one that is free of dependence on any specific proprietary software package. Shopping cart web store systems are very much about content management; therefore, our tools have proven to be very effective ecommerce software solutions.

Implemented eCommerce solutions need to be secure. Hackers are an ever present threat. We respect the need for eCommerce system security and attend to it by relying on software tools that are not closely linked to web browsers. We do not subscribe to the current prescription of AJAX -- asynchronous JavaScript -- as the remedy for all eCommerce ills. We are skeptical of the security of AJAX code. As far as PHP and Microsoft C# approaches to eCommerce solutions, we think that our approach offers a comparable level of security for the web store as our web pages are static and generally free of scripts.

Examples of our work are available upon request. Alternatively, please telephone us at +1 631-673-2929 to discuss specific requirements.

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