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HTML Templates for Web Page Publishing

Use our HTML Templates to dramatically improve the process of publishing web pages to your website or webstore. By using HTML Templates you can:

  1. Use readily available data entry methods, such as spreadsheet software and photo editing tools to add information to your website or webstore. No need to buy special software for content management. Added bonus: use our content publishing shell scripts (purchase training as you require) and get around needing to know any HTML at all.
  2. Ensure that the webpages you add to your site will have the same appearance as the rest of your site. We create your templates from your website "one time" and then use the templates with our content publishing shell scripts to publish as many webpages as you require. 99% accuracy is a given, the possibility of manual errors is eliminated.
  3. Publish unique pages, with online search optimized URLs, titles, etc. Webpages with simple URLs are better. Simple URLs are easy to remember. As well, web pages with simple URLs do not require a special web page server and do not need to include potentially vulnerable software code that is unnecessary with our system.

Shell Scripts for Content Publishing

Our shell scripts make use of programming languages generally available from most web hosting companies: Python, Perl, AWK, SED and VI Improved, or VIM. As long as your web host is serving your web site from a computer running the LINUX or UNIX operating system you will will have support for our scripts. We will give you the scripts that we will use to publish your webpages. If you know what you are doing, then you can use these scripts, going forward, to publish and maintain your website or ecommerce web store. For an additional charge we will train you in the operation of our scripts. All of our training packages include unlimited support for the first 30 days of operation. Tell Me More About Content Publishing Shell Scripts and Training.

Table-less, Modern, CSS HTML Template Design

We design our HTML Templates with modern CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) principles and techniques. Our template pages will load faster than other template pages written with Javascript, PHP or Microsoft C#. For an example of the speed difference, recognize that the page you are reading is published from our templates. The source code will show that the page is written with XHTML and that Javascript is kept to a minimum. Speed is not the only benefit. Our pages incorporate the most attractive design features at minimal additional cost, including fonts, floating boxes, and more. These design features are included in the CSS specification. We provide you with the style sheets you need to deliver the same webpage to any of a variety of web browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

Contact us for a quotation on a set of HTML templates for your website. Get our content publishing shell scripts at no additional charge. Don't overlook our training option: At an additional charge we will train you to use our HTML Templates and/or our content publishing shell scripts. Examples of our work are available upon request. Drop us an email to learn more, or call us at +1 631-673-2929. We will be happy to walk you through our offer.

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