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Implement Successful Direct Marketing Online

Direct Marketing Online means utilizing email to push

to Customers and to Prospects. In most cases, to successfully implement such programs, a suitable email list must already exist, meaning a list to which individuals have freely added their email addresses. But what is a web store to do that does not have such a list? The best plain web pages service from IMB Enterprises, Inc. utilizes attractive email promotional materials (web page email messages, with or without images) together with telemarketing to

We offer a money back guarantee that the quality of email addresses that we deliver through our approach will far exceed the comparable quality of a purchased list. In fact, we do not believe that it is possible, any longer, to purchase a useful list from a third party. Let's face it, your business is unique. Individuals must choose to add their names as a gesture of commitment to your business to be useful contacts for direct marketing, or, we believe, you will be wasting your time.

Mailing to email addresses without permission is spamming. Publicly posted email addresses are not to be abused. We do not participate in address "harvesting," or any other similar procedure. We cannot stress enough the importance, and value, of gaining an individual's commitment to have his or her email address added to your list. Opt-in email addresses can be obtained through the methods described above, or, over time, from patient inclusion and management of registration forms throughout web sites. We can also implement blogs and/or wikis to stimulate market contact, communication, and registrations.

We will design the promotional materials; develop the email contact list through our methods; and manage additions and/or removals in exchange for a percentage of the price of items, or, at your option, for a fixed price. Contact us for futher information at telephone (631) 673-2929, by facsimile at (866) 222-4550, or by email. We will be happy to discuss current projects with you and to show some samples of our work.

Solving the XSS Cross Site Scripting Problem

Email marketing campaigns often include the use of online forms for address collection and general correspondence. Utilizing forms for these types of data collection applications and correspondence protects legitimate email address from trolling spam bots. Nevertheless, the security of a web store can be compromised by the use of online forms that do not include security features. Harmful data must not be permitted to contact the web server and/or the shopping cart system through the form itself. Specifically, control characters must be neutralized to protect the web server and shopping cart from scripting attack. The best plain web pages service from IMB Enterprises, Inc. has first hand experience writing counter measures that have successfully neutralized this dangerous problem. A customer of ours has achieved full PCI compliance for his web site from a prominent ecommerce site certification service with counter measures that we wrote for his site. We would be happy to elaborate on our work upon request.

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