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How Clients Benefit--Success Story

One of our clients has a retail, business-to-consumer (BtoC) commerce website that includes more than sixty five hundred (6.5K) plain and simple web pages published with our system rather than a dynamic page system (which depends upon a database). This client's site has enjoyed as many as more than 8 thousand unique new visitors per day during peak season (January to May). The client has achieved a Google Page Rank of 4 in its industry (retail clothing) and comes up within the top 20 results of most keyword searches critical for the success of the site. Average retail prices for items are in the $150-$400 range. Gross profit ranges from $75 to $200 an item, or about 50% of retail price. The end result is a half million dollars or more, per year, gross profit from the web.

Let's take a look at how the client handles site search. Incorporating site search adds substantial value to the web site visitor experience. So how to give the visitor what he/she needs, without so-called "dynamic" pages published from a database along with very long page addresses and lots of scripts? The answer lies with a simple spreadsheet file and a script that we wrote that works in the background. Shopping carts like CartServer from AmeriCart will give away the database for site search in exchange for the online transaction business. We worked with the client to implement the free-of-charge search database.

In effect, the client now presents the web with two sites, one is optimized for online promotion through search engines; the other is a gateway to a product database on the backend, where it belongs.

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