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Increase Web Site Traffic With Our Services

A successful web site or store depends upon optimized traffic from search engines--the most powerful promotional tool available for online retailing. Too much traffic can be as frustrating as too little. The best solution is to keep web site traffic manageable. The factors that impact on manageability include your ability to provide:

  1. Timely Response for All Legitimate EMail Communication Received from Visitors to Your Web Site or Store
  2. Human, Live Online Customer Service (either from Online Chat or Telephone Contact), as required
  3. Solid Sales from Successful Online Customer Service

The purpose of managing traffic is, bottom-line, sales. The quality of your web site content or web store content certainly impacts on search engine traffic, but mastering the manageability factors mentioned above: email response; online customer service from live personnel; and online sales volume; are essential. Consider that the reputation of your web site for each of these three points can make, break, or delay reaching your revenue goal. For example, the social networking and "viral" nature of web 2.0 means that word will quickly spread about your site:

As word spreads and references to your site appear on other sites, your traffic levels will be impacted. Winning at online customer service takes time, thought, and an attitude that keeps your customers at the focus of attention, not as adversaries, but as essential partners to your success.

Win at Online Customer Service

The best plain web pages service from IMB Enterprises, Inc. provides you with precisely the customer service attitude that you must have for successful online marketing. We completely avoid the use of auto responders and other pacifiers for email reponse management. We refer to these obstacles to web marketing as symptoms of "Contact Me? NOT" syndrome.

"Contact Me? NOT" is a highly contagious problem for web sites large and small. Here are some more of the symptoms:

The positive rationale for "Contact Me? NOT" is to keep staff levels under control, but at what cost? The best plain web pages from IMB Enterprises, Inc. provides necessary staff, as required, to respond to any/all contact in exchange for a fee. If you opt for our total package of services, you outsource your online marketing efforts to us; we handle staffing, not YOU. Sooner or later, any/all online marketing efforts will suffer enormous damage from "Contact Me? NOT" syndrome. High quality customer service is absolutely essential for a successful online retail business selling to consumers--you cannot avoid it.

Successful EMail Marketing Starts with a Commitment to Respond to any/all Legitimate EMail Contact

We offer you several levels of timeliness for email response, including an option of response within 1 hour of contact 7 x 24. We also provide online chat service. On the subject of telephone contact, We are equipped with low-cost telephone services that allow us to freely use the telephone, as appropriate, to reply to inquiries ANYWHERE.

If you agree that search engine traffic is very important to the success of your web site, and you understand the value of enhanced communication with your prospects, then you should speak with us about improving search engine traffic. Contact us at 631-673-2929, fax 866-222-4550, or by email to learn more. We accept most major credit cards. We can custom tailor the right solution for your web site.

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