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What We Offer to Customers Needing a Web Site

Small businesses selling intangibles (services, for example) can benefit from presenting a web site to the public, rather than a web store. We build web sites for these customers with the following features:

  1. Original web site designs created with "best of breed" design tools, including Adobe® Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
  2. A web site design procedure that benefits our customer with true What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) prototyping in Adobe® Acrobat/PDF format before web pages are coded; thereby providing ample opportunity to make corrections as required
  3. XHMTL (today's standard tool for web page development without scripts) coding and Style Sheets for full compliance with modern web site development procedures
  4. A Users Manual for your website, including construction methods, as well as any original artwork and/or templates.
  5. Content Creation Training to empower your staff to add to the site as required
  6. Thirty (30) days support (at no additional charge), post web site launch, to ensure that all web site features have been built as promised
  7. Installation of tracking codes for Google Analytics, Web-Stat, Quantcast, etc, as required

Our traffic building and content development services can be added at an additional cost, making for a formidable package of services to ensure a successful online debut for your business.

Branding your small business online should not be an impromptu undertaking. Your service business is worth the time and effort required by an original design, launch plan and methodology. You should eschew web site plans that simply plug your content into a "mold." Web site builders offering a "cookie cutter" solution make money on volume; therefore, your site will be one of hundreds with the same look and feel. In short, your online offering will not stand out. The cost of building an effective web site, meaning a web site that truly adds value to your other marketing efforts, should be recouped quickly from new business resulting from your presence on the web.

As mentioned earlier, we recommend a web site rather than a web store for services businesses. The rationale is simple: the value of services are generally determined by an individual client or customer. There are no market standards for services beyond professional regulations. Often the purchase of services is referred to as a "considered" purchase, meaning a purchase that is rarely spontaneous and seldom made without a good amount of research on the part of a customer. These considerations are better served by a website than by a web store. The emphasis via a webstore is on tangible products; the availability of products; and price and delivery.

It is certainly possible for a services business to productize a service. We work with small services businesses to point out opportunities to offer products from services. As well, we emphasize the importance of the small business services web site as a repository for information critically important to customers making considered purchases.

Examples of our work are available upon request. Alternatively, please telephone us at +1 631-673-2929 to discuss specific requirements.

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