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"My Web Store is Great for Goods, but Traffic is Bad"

We build web sites with static pages that work with your existing web store program to bring high search engine traffic volume to your site. If you need top search engine traffic, then you should build a second web site with static pages that are heavy on content and light on code. Web pages produced by web store programs can be the opposite: light on content and heavy on code. The code can mix up the search engine with the result that your site traffic suffers.

Static pages contribute significantly to favorable search engine traffic volume. We use your existing web store program to provide a site search feature for the visitor. This site search feature makes it very easy for the visitor to your web site or web store to find the right product quickly. As well, you continue to use the web store program for its shopping cart and purchase features. What could be better!

"I want to Build a Web Store, but I've Heard Traffic can Suffer, What's the Solution?"

Our software tools generate hundreds of static web pages at a time, which we think is totally satisfactory for even the most demanding product requirements. We upload these static web pages to your web store as required, for example, as seasons change, or as new products are introduced. Since the pages are static, more of the text information is available for search engine indexing and, subsequently, keywords are backed up with additional descriptive information and traffic will actually increase. The same data that we use to build the web pages is used to build a database for a shopping cart system of your choice. The shopping cart system works in the background where we think it belongs.

"Can I Repurpose My Product Inventory Anywhere Else to Increase My Sales?"

Once you have your product inventory in a spreadsheet, or database, you can list your products on comparative shopping sites. Examples of these comparative shopping sites include Shopzilla, Amazon, The Find and Buy Dot Com. Don't forget Kaboodle. Some of these comparative shopping sites charge a fee for participation; others are compensated based upon a percentage of sales; still others charge no participation fee, nor do they look for a percentage of sales. We have excellent experience developing feeds for a number of these comparative shopping sites, including:

We would be very happy to discuss your plans to repurpose your inventory further with you. On a related topic, we would be very happy to discuss product-specific keyword online advertising strategies (otherwise referred to a "long tail search") further with you, along with the marketing opportunities presented by web 2.0 sites like Kaboodle.

Technical eCommerce Development

We also offer technical develpment services for ecommerce solutions. Please visit our technical solutions web page, eCommerce Solutions to learn more.

Contact us at 631-673-2929, fax 866-222-4550, or by email to learn more about our services for web stores. We accept most major credit cards. We can custom tailor the right solution to your problem.

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