Image illustrating that search engine friendly web pages, effective editorial content, online sales and customer service, and online marketing strategies that include high rankings with search engines are a very good idea for small business web sites and stores.Best Plain Web Pages

Successfully Capture the Benefits of Online Marketing

Choose IMB Enterprises, Inc. to capture the benefits of online marketing for your small to medium size business. Online marketing encompasses more than:

Online Marketing also includes sales and training. We deliver on your needs for SEO/SEM, Graphics, Content Management and cutting-edge Usability. We also sell for you and transfer the knowledge to you that you require to continue to win online with, or without us in the future.

Why settle for pieces when you can have the whole solution?

You Own a Successful Small Business, Want to Add Selling Online, but haven't the Time, Inclination, or Knowledge for the Task

You need the Best Plain Web Pages service from IMB Enterprises, Inc.

You tell us what you want. We listen to you and build a website for your business that is consistent with what you want. Our website gets your message across to your target online market with the editorial content you need, packaged in persuasive web pages that are easy to find, and to understand.

Unlike the typical online marketing/graphic design shop, we sell for you. We reply to the emails your receive and build your opt-in email list. We provide you with periodic email marketing campaigns; speak with your customers on the telephone and even close business and make sales for you. The sales that we make for your business significantly reduce your net cost for web page publishing, web site administration and online marketing.

The Hits I'm Getting are Wrong for My Website

Text is the name of the game as regards search engine ranking for web pages. The wrong text information leads to the wrong type of online traffic. The wrong type of online traffic may be no traffic at all.

For example, if your business is reselling physically large and bulky products like refrigerators, you may not want inquiries from prospects located outside of your business market. We manage the type of contact that you get from site visitors by carefully using the text content for your website to limit the geography of your marketing effort to local markets only. How do we achieve our objective? By using place names as keywords (and building the density of these place name keywords) we manage search engine indexing for your website to highlight your local markets.

Use our content services to fix the wrong online content problem. We build the right online content into your website or online store for top search engine indexing. With the right words and phrases, your website or web store will get the attention you expect from site visitors. We can set up website analytics services for you that will help you make better decisions about your message based upon site history, rather than conjecture.

I've Got Too Many Products

Check out our blog Technology and the Web for a further look

Stories, products and other web site content can change from time to time, regardless of whether your online offering is a website or an ecommerce-enabled store. Periodic web site content updates can be a chore, especially if your business offers in excess of 1K products. Consider the following scenario: to handle the products and changes, your staff has implemented a database on the back end of a web publishing system built with online scripts. Page names (URLs) are very long; parameters are included with page names, making indexing a chore for search engines. Not only that, but staff requires a lot of time to enter text data to the database and to upload images. The site has not proven to be the time saver that it was expected to be.

Your database is fine, but we use your database, with our offline open source scripts (written with awk and sed tools), to publish lots of static, plain and simple web pages with our web page publishing software. By definition, static, simple web pages are not dynamic; therefore, parameters are not needed as there are no online publishing scripts with which the pages need to interact. You might think that if you go with static web pages, new web pages will have to be put up and old pages taken down regularly--a chore. Yes, new pages need to be put up, as required, but publishing simple static web pages is no more a chore than is the case with your publishing system. In fact, we publish lots of simple static pages accurately and quickly as required. We use tools built upon computer applications that are highly reliable and time-tested over the last 20 years in UNIX and Linux computing environments to mass produce static pages. The changes that you require can be made quickly and easily to all of the pages of your web site whenever you want. We can even do it all for you!

A Half Million a Year in Gross Profit from a Web Store. . . and Counting

Read a success story about a web store in one of the most competitive retail markets. This client is using best plain static web pages to hold onto top twenty rankings in search engine results for several of the most popular searches for his market. The result for the client is a lot of online business. He's doing it, why not you?

We know the path out of web obscurity. Contact us to find out more at 631-673-2929 or, by facsimile at 866-222-4550 or, if you prefer, send us an email.

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